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Houses Of Parliament School Trip

We arrived at The Houses Of Parliament, London  on a cold morning and we went through security. We then put our bags and coats in a box for safe keeping to collect later. We split up into different groups and my group went to the amazing House Of Commons first. It was very interesting and it was amazing that we were standing were all of the debates have happened. Next, we went to the House Of Lords and saw where the Queen's thrown is, it was very intricate and was covered in sparkling gold. We went to do a workshop where we could do our own mini vote which was really fun. After, we entered a smaller room and ate our lunch. Once we finished eating, we headed back to the coach, but we were quite early so we played for 10minutes in a field outside the incredible Parliment and sadly,after that we went home.

Houses of Parliament Trip - due 9.12.19

Write a recount of the Y5 trip to Parliament. What did you learn when you were there?

a place not like any other

the ground is not  visible only  sky and clouds, olny air no ground and no people, Tim looks up "what is that!" Tim exlamed three gates open "hello." calls a mysterious voice, Tim  doesn't repond "hi ," the voice says in a carm voice "hello is this thing on?" Tim wispered "umm what?" the voice calls again ''ahh so you are here." Tim goes silent suddlenly a boy rose up from one of the gates wearing a hoodie, a box on his head, a flooting tophat "well it a peasure to be meeting you here!" he exclamed "who are you?" Tim asked ''I'm something you don't need to know yet anyway what your name boy!" the man saids  "Tim." Tim says quitly "and yours?" "well let see are yes tom mine is!" Tom exlamed "now no chiter chater your of to a place not like any other mate.

Strange perculiar ladder

Tim heard someone shout “Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English man!” bellowed a green, ugly beast who looked like the most evil goblin to ever walk on the planet. Tim stopped dead still for a moment and only just realised it was the goblin that was in the Myths and legends book (everyone’s favourite book in the world).Tim was so excited he even screamed “It was there, it was there!” He knew he would make history and be really famous for just seeing and experiencing what no one has ever seen. Was he ever going to make it back down the ladder...?

The infinite ladder

Tom (a gardener and just an ordinary person) was walking by his garden and had realized he had run out of birdseed (what birds eat) so he walked down on a dark and cold windy night. Weather reports had reported there was going to be a ginormous storm in the local weather but Tom didn't think it would happen because all the other times they had been wrong about his area. He came back home and into his back garden and refilled the birdseed. As the weather reporters had said there will be a storm and there was a storm. Tom ran inside and hid. Once the storm had finnished, he came out to check on everything but everything was fine. Just as Tom was about to go in he spotted a bright yellow ladder instead of his rusty ladder. He walked over to it. He walked up step by step curious to know where the ladder leads. Once he got up, he saw something bright golden. It was like heaven and made out of pure gold.
Suddenly, his alarm clock rang and woke him up. "Could all of that have been just a dream!?, but how it felt so real". 

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